User Intent

User intent is the goal a user has when they come to a website or interact with an app.

What is user intent?

It is the reason why a user performs a particular action, such as clicking on a link or searching for something. User intent can be broadly classified into four categories: informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. Content creators can craft messages and design experiences that engage users and help them get the job done. But it’s easier to accomplish with a firm understanding of user intent.

Why is user intent important?

User intent helps to define the user’s goal when visiting a website, which is essential in order to provide an optimal user experience. Understanding user intent helps content strategists create content that meets users’ needs and expectations. Content that’s optimized for user intent can also improve search rankings and increase website traffic. Knowing your users’ intent allows you to tailor your messaging to each individual, resulting in more meaningful engagements. By understanding user intent, you can design an effective UX that encourages users to take desired actions.

Why does a content strategist need to know about user intent?

Content strategists need to understand user intent to:

  • Ensure that they’re creating content that meets the needs and wants of their target audience.
  • Optimize the user experience and maximize conversions.

By understanding user intent, content strategists can create content that’s relevant, timely, and engaging. Using data from analytics and other sources to research user intent, they can create content tailored to those behaviors. Keeping current on trends in user behavior is imperative in order to effectively target content and increase engagement.

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