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Alt text is descriptive text used in HTML code to describe the content of an image for search engines and accessibility purposes. It helps search engines and visually impaired users understand what an image is. It can also help improve the accessibility and visibility of your website in search results.

What is alt text?

Alt text, short for alternative text, can be found within the tag in HTML code, and it’s used by screen readers and other assistive technologies to provide context for users who can’t see an image or simply need additional information about it. Content strategists should consider the impact of alt text when creating website designs and content.

A simple rule of thumb is that good alt text should accurately describe what an image depicts without using overly long phrases or keyword stuffing techniques. If the image is purely decorative, don’t provide any alt text.

Following this principle will help improve website accessibility and visibility in search results, as well as enhance user experience.

Why is alt text important?

Proper use of alt text can make a huge difference for website visitors, both in terms of accessibility and understanding the content. Alt text helps visually impaired users access websites as well as providing context to images, which can improve understanding for all users.

It also helps search engines recognize images and provides them with more information for better search engine rankings. Additionally, social media platforms need alt text to properly display images when shared online.

All these pieces come together to create an overall better user experience while also improving website accessibility based on web accessibility guidelines set forth by organizations such as W3C or WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Why does a content strategist need to know about alt text?

Alt text is an important tool for content strategists looking to make sure their websites, applications, and social media posts are visible and accessible to the widest possible audience. By including relevant keywords in alt text, you can improve your website’s search engine rankings and ensure that all users get the same experience when accessing webpages.

Don’t be an alt text spammer. Don’t stuff alt text with unnecessary terms in the mistaken belief your rankings will improve. Avoid using alt text for purely decorative images.

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