Pillar Page

A pillar page is a comprehensive piece of content that serves as the cornerstone for a particular topic, with links to related content.

What is a pillar page?

It’s a long-form content piece that covers a broad topic. The pillar page serves as the foundation of an SEO strategy and the starting point for related content. The goal is to create a comprehensive resource on the specific topic. Pillar pages are sometimes referred to as topic clusters or cornerstone content. A successful pillar page should be well-organized, informative and easy to navigate.

Why is a pillar page important?

A pillar page helps to provide structure and organization to a website. Pillar pages enable content creators to easily create content that’s interrelated. Pillar pages are critical for SEO purposes, as they offer a way to link related content together and make sure search engine bots can find it. Pillar pages are also great for user experience, as they allow users to quickly access related content in one place. Using pillar pages can lead to increased traffic, as users are more likely to explore other related content from a single source.

Why does a content strategist need to know about pillar pages?

A pillar page is essential for creating an effective content marketing strategy. Pillar pages can help you target the right audiences and create content that resonates with them. Pillar pages act as hubs for related content, which can help boost SEO. Having a clear, organized structure to your content can help reduce research time and increase productivity.

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