Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a tool used to plan and schedule content creation, including topics, deadlines, and responsible team members.

What is an editorial calendar?

Content strategists use an editorial calendar to plan, organize, and keep track of everything related to their content strategy. Any type of content, from blog posts and social media posts to podcasts and videos, can fill the calendar. They’re very helpful for staying organized and on-schedule by outlining the topics and frequency of their content. An editorial calendar can be used for long-term planning or short-term scheduling. It also allows content strategists to collaborate with other teams, such as marketing or design, for better alignment.

Why is an editorial calendar important?

An editorial calendar helps to keep content organized, timely, and relevant. But there are other benefits, too.

  • It allows for efficient planning and scheduling of content.
  • It helps to ensure that topics are addressed in a balanced way.
  • It enables you to easily track the progress of content creation.
  • It helps save time by allowing you to plan for future content.

Even in it’s simplest form, a content calendar will significantly improve your content efficiency.

Why does a content strategist need to know about editorial calendars?

Content strategists must understand how to use editorial calendars for efficient content planning and management. They’re extremely helpful in managing resources, optimizing workflow, and ensuring timely delivery of content. Content strategists should be aware of the various approaches to creating, managing, and evaluating editorial calendars. They also must be able to quickly adapt editorial calendars to changes in project scope and requirements. Editorial calendars aren’t all the same. So content strategists need to be able to identify different types of editorial calendars and determine the best type for a specific project.

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